How To Meet Your Mate In 7 Days!

Over on The Swirl World Facebook page (and on my own personal Facebook page) we’ve been enjoying a lively discussion about the Plenty of Fish online dating site.

Plenty of Fish is viewed by many as the bottom of the ocean dating site (no, I couldn’t resist that very bad pun).

Yet, many women – Black Women in particular – are finding success on POF.

Success with interracial dating and marriage.

Swirl Success.

Wednesday we introduced you to Josh and Chassitie Thornton. They met on – you guessed it –  Plenty of Fish.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Richard and Tessha Giammona who met on: Plenty of Fish.

Richard and Tessha

The headline gives it away, but read Richard and Tessha’s story to learn how Tessha and Richard met after Tessha had been on the site only seven days!

Richard says:

“Tessha and I live in Cherry Hill, NJ, and we have been together for one year. We have been married 3 months! We both have one child each. We met on POF . . . Plenty Of Our first date was at the Olive Garden, and she had me at Hello!”

(We love a man who doesn’t take forever to decide what he wants!)

Richard and Tessha 2

Tessha gives us the details:

“We only tried POF. Richard met about 10 different women. I met three men, including him. Richard was on the site for 10 months, I was on the site for seven days.”

(Feel free to faint at that tidbit of information – I know I did!)

Richard and Tessha 4-CoolTessha continues:

“I felt very comfortable approaching Richard, but then again, I am a confident woman. He was equally confident and kind of cocky.

I preferred dating white men, and he preferred dating black women. Race was not an issue.

We both knew beforehand what race we were interested in.

My advice for ladies only interested in interracial relationships is to be cognizant of other men’s feelings, but place your feelings first. I already had a script ready explaining that I preferred dating white men. I received a lot of backlash from black men and a few even confessed that they felt hurt by my reasoning. At the end of the day, we have to be happy, and everyone has preferences. Please don’t settle because your friends or family don’t agree with your choice of men. Lastly, please understand that men will be men and even if they are a different race, it doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you. Know your worth . . . . ” 

Richard’s advice to others: “Don’t be afraid.”

Richard and Tessha 5-Jeans


Tessha’s  advice: “Go with your heart!”

Richard concludes, “Treat her like a lady. You can’t go wrong!”

Richard and Tessha 3-Wedding

Richard, we agree with you completely.

Swirl on.

Join in the Fray: Do you believe you can know if someone is “the one” within one meeting?

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Wow...I have heard some disturbing things about POF. But these stories are encouraging. I'm going to put my profile on POF. Because, I haven't had any luck on the other dating sites. Congratulations to Tessha and Richard! Congratulations to Chasitie and Josh! :-)


Fashionista18, the key is VETTING! I've also heard that the site admins now have more stringent requirements so not quite as many creeps get in. Be discriminating and have fun - you just might find love! :-)