Who Says White Men Can’t Dance???

One of the things I want to learn this year is Zydeco dancing.

This, my friends, is why:

I won’t tell y’all how many times I’ve watched this video. Yes, Home Girl has some great moves – no shade on her.


I am not watching her moves.

(I’m just saying).


Sips some cold water.


Clicks video again . . . .

(Hey! Don’t judge me!)

In Southwest Louisiana (also known as Cajun Country), MOST of the men – regardless of race or ethnicity) can dance like this.

This guy has some great moves he just needs a stylist.

So, who says White men can’t dance???

I rest my case. 

Join in the Fray: Can you  . . .  . dance?

I’m blogging every day in the month of January in Blogher’s NaBloPoMo Challenge. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment!

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  1. Ms. Charlese says

    I go West Coast Swing dancing and I know tons of white men who can dance!

    Thanks for the video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zydeco before.

    • says

      Charlese, for sure! All of the former stereotypes need to be put to rest.

      One of the wonderful things about Zydeco is when you go to a dance, you see the very young and the very old dancing and enjoying themselves. It’s really a sight to behold! Thanks for commenting.

    • says

      Adrienne, is it cool or what??? I love the dancing AND the music. People in Louisiana know how to have a good time. What’s even more cool is that huge Zydeco festivals are held in Texas and California, and I’m sure in other parts of the country.

  2. says

    Hmmmmm…….I wonder how many hours of observing Black people were required to reach this level of expertise exhibited in Video #1?

    Oh, be quiet, I’m not hatin’ on him; that WB is representing well. Now, speaking of “needing a stylist”…Sister Girl with the white socks and cowboy hat, well, uh……….come on now, you thought the same thing! I just typed it, is all!


  3. Darline says

    Wow! The hips movement is almost similar to Haitian dance called “Kompa” and Meringue. It is just a little faster and swing dance is also part of it. Great job!!!

    • says

      Darline, thanks for mentioning those dances! I’ve never heard of them, so now I have the pleasure of doing some research and finding out more. Can/do you dance? lol

  4. Karla says

    Well, who says Black people have the lock on dancing? I can’t dance. Okay, yes, I can do ballet or a dance with memorized steps or even ballroom (waltzes, foxtrot, etc) but freestyle? Nope, not even. I have never been one of those people who can just get on the dance floor and have people step aside like they did for John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” (oops, did we mention another White man who used to dance?). I can sing, I can play the piano, I have rhythm… I just can’t get that to my feet.

    • says

      Karla, I hear ya! I can “keep up,” but I’m definitely not the star dancer like the woman in this video. I think Black people perpetuate the stereotype that “we” can dance – and also keep the stereotype going that “White people can’t dance.” Neither is really true – it’s an *individual* thing entirely!

      (But oh, to be able to dance like the woman in the video! :-) )

  5. Bob george says

    Now that was a fun watch! they both got some moves, but judgeing from the smile on her face, well…………


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